33. The Secret of the Possible

“When he marked out the foundations of the earth…then I was at work beside him.” Proverbs 8:30 The hermetic modalities of Astrology, Alchemy and Tarot, to this point in the series of reflections comprising the Astrologers’ Folio, have out-competed the Kabbalah for time and attention. Today, we take a first step in the direction of… Continue reading 33. The Secret of the Possible

32. Review: en route to Love and Wonderment

“All streams run to the sea but the sea is never full.” Ecclesiastes 1:7 Welcome to the Astrologers’ Folio, installment No. 32, “Review: en route to Love and Wonderment”. Imagine: we have reached a landing along a spiral stair where we might rest before continuing. Today we pause to review four (4) key concepts which… Continue reading 32. Review: en route to Love and Wonderment

31. The Archaeology of Silence; Hierarchy and Obedience

“Religion should give instruction in optimum living.” Source of the opening quote: C. C. Zain from the introduction to “Spiritual Alchemy, The Hermetic Art of Spiritual Transformation” as first published by the Church of Light,, Los Angeles c. 1914-1934. For more than twenty-centuries in the West, and even longer in the East, the concept of… Continue reading 31. The Archaeology of Silence; Hierarchy and Obedience

30. Momentary Equilibrium

“It Came To Pass Not To Stay“ The classic image of Libra, blindfolded, a woman holding a balance scale at its fulcrum. The scale idealizes a measure of fairness when two pans suspended from a common beam attain equilibrium. The hermetic interpretation of the beam is suggested by its fulcrum—a still point representing Love as… Continue reading 30. Momentary Equilibrium

29. Is belief the enemy?

Assertions for Reflection Nature is “a prophetic language whose hieroglyphics are beings and forms…revealing herself as a world of materialized dream.” Gotthilf Heinrich von Schubert (1780-1860), scientist and philosopher. Germany. “Man, it has been said, is a symbolizing animal; it is evident at no stage in the development of civilization has man been able to… Continue reading 29. Is belief the enemy?

28. Waking v Non-Waking; Agnostic meets Believer

Agnostic Meets Believer “Gravity is nonfocusable and shadowless.” * The reference to gravity in the sub-title is supported by the physics of this unique force. As a force of Nature it defines mass, like a planet or a tree, even as it is incapable of casting a shadow. Neither can it be beamed or “focused”–gravity’s… Continue reading 28. Waking v Non-Waking; Agnostic meets Believer

27. Brain, Mind, Universe, Cosmos.

This post is best viewed by desktop—it is not optimized for iPhone or Android. “How to self-audit transcendent inheritance.” Today we are going to take a step back from technical discussions of Tarot Keys or Astrology topics per se. And while we have touched briefly upon Spiritual Alchemy and the theory and practice of Kabbalah,… Continue reading 27. Brain, Mind, Universe, Cosmos.

25. Depth and Radiance–the esoteric authority of breathing.

As physical beings we live on the surface of a sphere. Standing on the surface of this sphere, a line drawn from the head to toe of everyone, everywhere, converges at a shared center of being. Upright, we “radiate”! In the realm of Nature biologists describe the growth trajectory of trees and many plants as… Continue reading 25. Depth and Radiance–the esoteric authority of breathing.

24. The Axiom of 28– Saturn & Prayer

Know Thyself: Learning How To Learn Technique for recognizing important recurring themes of the life narrative is another way to appreciate the intention of Western Mystery Tradition wisdom studies. Today’s topic concerns Saturn, Prayer, and the number 28. To what end? These elements, combined, help identify major themes forming the substrate of one’s lifetime spiritual… Continue reading 24. The Axiom of 28– Saturn & Prayer

23. Do we know what we are up against?

Fake News: In recent months a comet named “Neowise” has been visible in the night sky. Some speculate the purpose of the Neowise comet and its near-Earth trajectory is to place a giant semicolon overhead for all to see! Imagine you are by yourself. You have been wandering for days. You are a little tired;… Continue reading 23. Do we know what we are up against?