35. Kabbalah–Beyond Science and Religion

Today’s post represents the concluding entry, the 35th installment of the Astrologers’-Folio. It has been a privilege to prepare each submission for our dear “unknown readers”. When we launched this series we chose to defer feedback from readers. A new series under consideration would include community input and feedback. The Western Mystery Tradition is a… Continue reading 35. Kabbalah–Beyond Science and Religion

33. The Secret of the Possible

Today, we take a first step in the direction of the Kabbalah. The hermetic modalities of Astrology, Alchemy and Tarot, to this point in the Astrologers’ Folio series, have out-competed the Kabbalah for time and attention. The cogency and spiritual discernment practices in the West owe a huge debt of gratitude to the contributions of… Continue reading 33. The Secret of the Possible