34. Rewilding Occultism

Journey by day, Pilgrimage by night Before a journey gets underway, in the ordinary course of daily life–“where are we headed?”–is asked and answered. Not so, a pilgrimage of self-inquiry: “How best to keep one’s company, forever?“, for example. This question has captured the interest and energy of sages and mystics, average people and savants–throughout… Continue reading 34. Rewilding Occultism

33. The Secret of the Possible

Today, we take a first step in the direction of the Kabbalah. The hermetic modalities of Astrology, Alchemy and Tarot, to this point in the Astrologers’ Folio series, have out-competed the Kabbalah for time and attention. The cogency and spiritual discernment practices in the West owe a huge debt of gratitude to the contributions of… Continue reading 33. The Secret of the Possible

32. Review: en route to Love and Wonderment

“All streams run to the sea but the sea is never full.” Ecclesiastes 1:7 Welcome to the Astrologers’ Folio, installment No. 32, “Review: en route to Love and Wonderment”. Imagine: we have reached a landing along a spiral stair where we might rest before continuing. Today we pause to review four (4) key concepts which… Continue reading 32. Review: en route to Love and Wonderment

31. The Archaeology of Silence; Hierarchy and Obedience

“Religion should give instruction in optimum living.” Source of the opening quote: C. C. Zain from the introduction to “Spiritual Alchemy, The Hermetic Art of Spiritual Transformation” as first published by the Church of Light,, Los Angeles c. 1914-1934. For more than twenty-centuries in the West, and even longer in the East, the concept of… Continue reading 31. The Archaeology of Silence; Hierarchy and Obedience

30. Momentary Equilibrium

“It Came To Pass Not To Stay“ The classic image of Libra, blindfolded, a woman holding a balance scale at its fulcrum. The scale idealizes a measure of fairness when two pans suspended from a common beam attain equilibrium. The hermetic interpretation of the beam is suggested by its fulcrum—a still point representing Love as… Continue reading 30. Momentary Equilibrium