15. The Dragon’s Head

Before we embark on this post—The Dragon’s Head, let us prepare for a pleasant journey. Our destination?  A discussion of Draconic Astrology as a thoughtful augmentation of the Natal horoscope.  The lens for this special viewing—reconsidering the Moon’s North Node as guide. Draco, in Greek, is dragon.  Draconic Astrology is a special, if rarely explored, subset… Continue reading 15. The Dragon’s Head

14. The Salt Puppet

In earlier posts we have introduced a Western Mystery tradition known as “sacred degrees of the horoscope” notably expressed as the symbols comprising the Sabian Mysteries.  In Posts 10 and 11 we quote extensively from La Volasfera–an early text which codifies telepathically discerned interpretations of all 360 degrees comprising the horoscope. La Volasfera is a… Continue reading 14. The Salt Puppet

13. Love…the unsummoned quanta of meaning.

Welcome to the Astrologers’ Folio Post No. 13— a homily on Love. The language of Love has long been associated with aspirational art and wisdom literature. Secular sounding words like unsummoned and quanta, do they seem out of place? And meaning, are we talking about meaning as Love…as an object of ultimate concern? Are we… Continue reading 13. Love…the unsummoned quanta of meaning.

9. Original Light, Created Light

Cosmology! “the scientific study of large scale properties of the universe as a whole.”         The first image above is a “star swarm” located within our Milky Way Galaxy–23,000 light years from Earth. The second image is a Hubble “Deep Field View” of more than 10,000 galaxies–pictured as they appeared more than… Continue reading 9. Original Light, Created Light

3. Imaginal Aptitude—What if we don’t get it?

Today we test new waters.  We move from the sublime to the granular—from sweeping comments about waking and non-waking states, to a technical introduction of the Ascendant and its role in the hands of the Astrologer. Astrology anyone? When the editors at AF began studying astrology in the late 1960s every angle of every constellation… Continue reading 3. Imaginal Aptitude—What if we don’t get it?

2. Love and the river…let it be the Holy Grail, the Mystery of the Rood, the Great Prize…

It seems to please us, travelers all, to think of the journey this way: the zealator precedes the adept; the novice the sage; the apprentice the journeyman—when we know the mighty tree is present in the seed—and, bless the seed, it may only become a tree or try.  A challenge facing the Astrologers’ Folio: how… Continue reading 2. Love and the river…let it be the Holy Grail, the Mystery of the Rood, the Great Prize…

No. 900 Western Mystery Tradition Terms & References

The following assortment of links and illustrations are provided for study and research purposes. We consolidate this information in the No. 900 series pages for ease of reference. If you would like to introduce AF to a resource not listed, please write to us at fratera.af@gmail.com. Asrological Terms Dictionary. The dictionary of astrological terms selected… Continue reading No. 900 Western Mystery Tradition Terms & References