14. The Salt Puppet

In earlier posts we have introduced a Western Mystery tradition known as “sacred degrees of the horoscope” notably expressed as the symbols comprising the Sabian Mysteries.  In Posts 10 and 11 we quote extensively from La Volasfera–an early text which codifies telepathically discerned interpretations of all 360 degrees comprising the horoscope. La Volasfera is a source of degree symbolism we have come to associate with the pioneering Sabian Mysteries research and documentation performed by Sepharial and Charubel in the early decades of the 20th century

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Dane Rudhyar and Marc Edmund Jones, also late 19th century born, extend 20th century Sabian Mysteries research and interpretation into the 1970s.

We begin the discussion of The Salt Puppet story by referencing Sabian Symbols in order to introduce a latter day Sabian protege– James Burgess, born 1951, Bristol, UK.  Burgess also brings a Sufi lens to the study and appreciation of the Sabian Myteries. It is a marvelous combining.  James Burgess is a Sufi adept, Sabian Symbol astrologer and wisdom teacher now living in Ireland, and devotee of both Rudhyar and Jones.

Today we are going to read the short but powerful story called “The Salt Puppet”.  It is a beautiful narrative about the integrality of Love and community—and the illusion they might be separable.

Burgess is our source of The Salt Puppet narrative.  We thank him for it. After reading it–we invite you to pause to contemplate its effect on your sense of well-being. While considering the experience of the Salt Puppet homily, try not to compete for words–as words, for the moment, may elude one’s grasp. Savor The Salt Puppet story’s powerful visualization– all unity, as Love, is plural.

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“That’s easy, touch me.”

The Salt Puppet

Once upon a time there was a puppet made of salt who had travelled a long time through dry and desert places until one evening he came upon a sea which she had never before seen and didn’t know what it was.
The puppet asked the sea: “What are you?”
“I am the sea” it replied. “but” the Puppet insisted, “what is the sea?”
“I am”.
“I don’t understand” said the puppet made of salt. “I want very much to understand what I can do to know you!”
The sea replied “That’s easy, touch me!”    
The salt puppet timidly touched the sea with the tip of her toes. At that moment she realized that the sea began to make itself perceptible, but at the same time she noticed the tips of her toes had disappeared.
“What have you done to me?” she cried to the sea.Toes in Salt Water Image.jpeg
“You have given a little of yourself to understand me” the sea replied.
Slowly the salt puppet began to walk in to the sea with great solemnity as though she were about to perform the most important act of her life. The further she moved along, the more she dissolved but at the same time she had the impression that she knew more and more about the sea.
The End.

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In a future post, we hope to explore more of James Burgess’ work. Meanwhile, there is no reason to wait for a future post–his work can be found at http://www.jamesburgess.com.

Burgess is known for his remarkable 7 sacred words curriculum.  He contends, fully appreciated, the 7 sacred words lead to eventual self-mastery.  He credits his insights to Sufism, and the Sufi tradition that our waking and non-waking experience derive from 7 planes of existence. He artfully combines his Sufi training with years of Sabian Mysteries study and astrology. He also reminds us the study yields its best result with meditation and practice. In a future post we may endeavor to identify various astrological associations for considering the 7 sacred words including their alchemical connections.

We bid you peace and LOVE,

Frater A


Should you have time to consider a musical reflection to accompany this post, we refer you to “Reilly Ace of Spies, (Original Soundtrack)” —The Olympic Orchestra–Secret Agent File (1984)).

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