4. Inner & Outer Experience

Quoting from issue No. 3 of the AF  “We shall not rush, but rather move deliberately to describe topics important to understanding the structure and intelligibility of the horoscope…” This line was written 12 August 2016.  Perhaps, if we are not going to rush, we could pick up the pace? We may be too accustomed… Continue reading 4. Inner & Outer Experience

1. Welcome to the Astrologers’ Folio

We may thank the Polish speaking Lithuanian born poet and Nobel laureate Czeslaw Milosz for helping us consider our place in the world—perhaps, as he suggests, more powerfully defined by language than longitude and latitude.  From his perspective, “Language is the only homeland.” The Western Mystery Tradition, a teacher-to-student conveyed legacy of the hermetic arts,… Continue reading 1. Welcome to the Astrologers’ Folio